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  • great! great! great!first appearing in guangzhou woodworking machinery exhibition

  • precise and fasterreignmac woodworking machinery equipped with new numerical control operation system,will help to discover and develop your potential !

  • here reignmac will bring many new models of four-side moulder and double-end tenoner to show you our new numerical control and compound function processing application technology.four-side moulder wi

  • reignmac was excited, lighting firecrackers to hail the year of dog.

  • then went to another tourist spot, the one of three west lakes�擧uizhou west lake. huizhou city has became a development base for many elite enterprise .

  • reignmac gives good wishes to lunjiao woodworking machinery association the vigorous development, and keep supporting the progress of woodworking machinery industry of china.

  • reignmac woodworking machinery’ s booth number is 8.1c53.

  • it has not only high machining precision but also easy and convenient operating system, to provide customs a brand-new processing solution of multi-kind and small quantity production.

  • having a special visual effect when assembling with 45掳and 55掳oblique groove and tongue floor, the quantity demand of this kind of floor is increasing fast in recent years.