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professional solution :solid wood or mdf and hdf furniture ,wooden door and so on ,which require two

double end tenoner series d120

double end tenoner series d120
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product characteristics: professional solution :solid wood or mdf and hdf furniture ,wooden door and so on ,which require two
specification & typermd1225
working thickness (mm) 10- 120
working width (mm)250 - 2500
cutting circle (max~min)(mm)left saw unitφ125-φ200
right saw unit φ125-φ200
left cut~off sawφ250-φ300
right cut~off sawφ250-φ300
first left and right milling unit φ140- φ160
second left and right milling unit φ140- φ160
polishing unit φ230
spindle diameter (mm)left saw unitφ25.4
right saw unitφ25.4
left cut~off sawφ40
right cut~off sawφ40
thickness of saw blade1.4-3.2mm
first left and right milling unitφ40
second left and right milling unitφ40
left and right polishing unitφ25.4
max length of milling unit(mm)first left and right milling unit100
second left and right milling unit175
basic motor power (kw)left saw unit3kw/4hp
right saw unit3kw/4hp
left cut~off saw11kw/15hp
second left and right milling unit2×7.5kw/10hp
left and right sanding unit2×2.2kw/3hp
right cut~off saw11kw/15hp
first left and right milling unit2×5.5kw/7.5hp
left and right polishing unit2×2.2kw/3hp
left and right polishing unit swing 2×0.12kw/0.16hp
pressure belt lift 2×0.25kw/0.33hp 
total motor power(standard) (kw)67.64kw/92hp
feed speed (m/min)5-25
spindle speed(r/min)first left and right milling unit9000
second left and right milling unit7500
linearity speed of sanding belt(m/s) 8-13.5m/s 
dust outlet diameter(mm)φ116/ φ120
overall machine dimensions (l×w×h) (mm)5000×5395×2100
weight(tons approx)7.7

note:any variation to the specification above mentioned will not be further notified since the product specification and designs keeps on changing all the time.

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