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[exhibition review] exhibition ended successfully, looking forward to meeting again
date: 2023-09-12
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for more details about the exhibition machines, please feel free to contact reignmac woodworking team.

the four-day 2023 shanghai international woodworking machinery exhibition came to a successful conclusion. review the show, there was a constant flow of people and buyer groups arrived one after another. next, please follow our footsteps and review the wonderful moments at this exhibition:

reignmac woodworking's products attract many customers to stop and negotiate. the reignmac woodworking team introduces and explains in detail to every guest who comes to learn about the machines, let the guests to have a deeper understanding of the products and processes.

this exhibition, reignmac woodworking launched four-sided planer for high-speed processing of wainscoting, outdoor floors, laminated materials, and four-sided polishing, as well as double-end tenoner for edge processing of furniture and cabinets!

among them, high-speed four-side moulder can bring stable and good surface quality in 50-meter high-speed processing. from a single machine to automated connection, a series of product demonstrations were conducted on-site, and the visiting audiences give unanimous praise after checking the performance of the process.

the double-end milling machine that combines milling and sanding function can solve the edge milling and sanding process of cabinet door panels, bathroom cabinet door panels, solid wood furniture, etc. in one go. buyers who came to learn about it praised this innovative solution and provided the visiting audience with industry-leading information. it provides visiting visitors with industry insights and competitive advantage.

to continuously bring higher level solutions to solve product processing problems is reignmac woodworking machinery’s purpose of research and development .

we look forward to next year's international woodworking machinery exhibition continuing to bring more innovation, cooperation and win-win opportunities to you!


for more details about the exhibition machines, please feel free to contact reignmac woodworking team.


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