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【good news】successful passed authentication
date: 2022-08-03
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author: reignmac
recently, reignmac successfully passed the measurement management system certification and obtained the aaa certificate.during the two-day supervision and audit

recently, 凯发娱发k8官网-凯发k8娱乐 successfully passed the measurement management system certification and obtained the aaa certificate.

during the two-day supervision and audit, the audit team conducted a random inspection and audit of reignmac's measurement management system organization and operation, measurement equipment management, measurement confirmation process control, measurement process control, internal audit of measurement management system, management review, etc. according to the audit criteria, confirmed the effective operation of reignmac machinery co., ltd. measurement management system, and unanimously agreed to pass the supervision and audit of reignmac.

now, reignmac's ,  and multi rip saw are exported to more than 70 countries and regions around the world, in addition to  chinese mainland. by establishing a system in accordance with the international advanced measurement and testing management mode, we can further promote reignmac to move closer to international standards, reduce the obstacles from foreign technical barriers, and help expand the development opportunities of domestic and foreign markets.

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